Apr 11, 2012

Ridiculous Sunglasses: Wear the U.S.A. on Your Face

In the shape of the contiguous United States, these shades by Jeremy Scott are perfect for the next haute couture stock car race you attend. And I mean, who needs two hundred bones for rent? Or food. Or utilities. Or just basic specs that sufficiently protect your eyes from the sun.

These frames, though? They cover a grand total of one and a half of your eyes, with the Great Lakes region really messing with UV protection on the left side. They also work well if you're trying to lose weight and/or are suffering from a cold, putting a guard over your entire nose and most of your mouth. More here.


Trolske said...

This is so useless...I can't believe somebody would buy this.

Anonymous said...

How would somebody buy this? This is awful.

R said...

Looks really bad...

YeamieWaffles said...

This really isn't a good look. Sunglasses with flags over them are okay but it really isn't a great look.

The Just One said...

Terrible! I would absolutely buy them.

Remish said...

The idea seems quite original, yet, it does not really look good on a human face.

Jim said...

Now this is just bad, whats next, the whole world?

Al Penwasser said...

Probably wouldn't want to wear those in Kabul.
Or Caracas.
Or Mogadishu.
Or Darfur.
Or Tehran.
Or Havana.
Or Cairo.
Or Tripoli.
Or Pyongyang.
Or Mecca.
Or Islamabad.
Or Damascus.
Or Baghdad.
You're probably good to go in Tuscaloosa, though.
But, carry a spare. Just in case.