Mar 29, 2012

How Many Explosions, How Much Duct Tape and How Many Myths Have the MythBusters Busted So Far?

Everyone's favorite iconoclastic show, Mythbusters, has been around for 9 years, 10 seasons and 187 episodes. Ever wonder what they've done with all that TV time? Well how about testing 833 myths, conducting 2,510 experiments and using 13.5 tons of explosives? More here.

Want more MythBusters numbers? According to executive producer Dan Tapster, who sends out biannual updates on these stats, this is what the MythBusters have done so far (episodes through June 2012):
  • Total Numbers of Myths: 833
  • Myths Busted: 461
  • Myths Confirmed: 194
  • Myths Plausible: 178
  • Total Number of Experiments: 2,510
  • Total Number of Explosions: 792
  • Total Amount of Duct Tape Used: 33,500 yards
  • Number of Vehicles Destroyed: 146
  • Pounds of Explosives used: 13.5 tons


YeamieWaffles said...

Amazing statistics man, thanks for sharing these.

That Random Guy said...

Holy crap... how about how much money they have made though? That would be quite interesting to know...

Terminus Ex said...

Sweet, nice stats

Jim said...

Those are some crazy stats, 13.5 tons of explosives used?! damn
Love Mythbusters!

Stewa said...

That's actually pretty impressive. Nice stat-gathering.

R said...

Awesome stats!

Anonymous said...

They don't want to admit it :)

Tenment Funster said...

They are so lucky, they have the best job in the world. Basically paying for making explosions and still learning!

Shirokan said...

Total Amount of Duct Tape Used: 33,500 yards
made me lol :)