Feb 27, 2012

There Are Nearly a Half-Million Android Apps Now

Android is poised to take over the world—at least according to new numbers from Google. The number of Android apps has exploded to 450,000 up from 150,000 just a year ago. And that's just the beginning.

The Android numbers posted today by Google are seriously impressive: There are 800,000 Android device activations a day, and 300 million (!) Android devices worldwide. If this inspires you to go get an Android phone, start doing your research because more than 800 different Android devices have launched to date.


YeamieWaffles said...

That's absolutely crazy news and nothing is more amazing than the fact 800,000 devices are activated a day, that's honestly an insane number, it's great to hear Google are doing so impressively with another awesome venture like this.

Adam said...

That's a lot of apps

R said...

That's nice, because I'm using Android!

DWei said...

Ha! Take that Apple!