Dec 18, 2011

Dinner Guests Will Love the Shower Of Hot Wax From Your Candelier

Once mankind realized that electricity could save them from severe hot wax burns, they stopped using candles in chandeliers. So what possessed artist Takeshi Miyakawa to make an entire chandelier from wax that completely melts away when lit?

Masochism? Vengeance? A fractured sense of nostalgia? Like with most creations that make you scratch your head or raise an eyebrow, the answer of course is art. The Candelier was created forThe Creatomatic show at New York's Eyebeam Gallery, and even though it took ten weeks to cast and mould, it's destined to disappear in a manner of mere hours. More here.


Lot's Wife said...

That's awesome. At least someone took pictures.

R said...

Looks interesting!;O

YeamieWaffles said...

Seems like such a far out and ridiculous idea for a chandelier yet part of me likes it, especially if it was only to be used very infrequently for special occasions right?

anoymous said...

i can imagine it'll look awesome as it melts and shifts shape..