Oct 29, 2011

A Volcano Casts a Shadow on the Sky Itself

Volcanoes are incredible sights on their own—but toss in a stupendous sunset, and you've got yourself a photo, homie. This shadow scene looks like the world turned upside-down.

What you're seeing here is just the shadow of Mount Rainier cast up upon low clouds. No magic, no strange natural phenomenon. Just a fantastic find by photog Nick Lippert. Half apocalyptic, half idyllic.


aLH3x said...

WOW! really beautiful!

SilverWolf said...

dud, when i saw this pick i knew instantly what my new background was gonna be. i would have loved to see it in person.

Lizzy said...

Wow, stunning photo!

YeamieWaffles said...

This is incredibly stunning. I love this photo, saved it and everything haha.