Oct 26, 2011

Recycled Re-Case Is Literally Garbage

Your fancy new iPhone deserves a fancy new case lest it get dinged, scratched or covered in unsightly fingerprints. But Miniwiz thinks you'd be better off wrapping it in discarded rice husks and plastic bottle caps, some of the ingredients that go into its completely recycled Re-Case.

The rice husks are reclaimed from farmers who usually dispose of them as agricultural waste, and are mixed with "post-consumer thermo-plastics" to create an engineered material known as Polliber. The rice husk material actually serves to strengthen the poly propylene plastic ingredients, which get slightly degraded during the recycling process. The new material can be created with minimal CO2 emissions, and the Re-Case, and its packaging, are completely recyclable themselves. But besides being better for the environment, the $25 case also features a contoured back allowing a user to stash an RFID security card inside, as well as that distinct textured finish of something that's been recycled, letting everyone know you put Earth first, you unkempt hippy. Get it here.


Crisalys said...

Hahah, well... $25 bucks is a lot, considering is a piece of plastic... recycled plastic.

Adam said...

Recycling has it downfalls

Major.Mack said...

agreed, garbage

Anonymous said...

Intersting, recycling only has a point if it is cheaper to produce than its original product, like aluminium. Unless you really like being green than yeah, spend that extra cash I suppose.

YeamieWaffles said...

I'm not fond of this stuff either. Why fork out some serious money for a piece of garbage when you could potentially get better covers for cheaper or a little more?

Lia said...

i love those colors! interesting though...making money out of garbage

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