Oct 28, 2011

Google+ Now Displays "What’s Hot" Trending & Post Sharing Data

Nerd Facebook Google+ has added another collection of decent features to its web interface, now showing "What's Hot" on the network and building "Ripples" infographics to show how posts have been shared with other users.

The changes aren't immediately noticeable. The What's Hot section appears at the bottom of your Stream and consists of a slightly irrelevant collection of updates from people you don't know, which Google's system has somehow decided are popular. It's a little strange seeing nonsense from strangers sitting in your Stream, to be honest.

As for the Ripples post sharing data, that's found within the drop-down menu to the right of each post. Click on that and an infographic appears, illustrating how your photograph of your shoes has spread around the world — and if any popular, big-time Google+ users have stumbled across it.


YeamieWaffles said...

Hmm, this seems like it's something that might turn out to be actually pretty cool given time. Watch this space, Google+ still might be able to rival Facebook some day!

Anonymous said...