Oct 30, 2011

Do You Think This New Urban Camo Will Fool Anyone?

It goes without saying Western soldiers haven't seen a lot of jungle and woodland shooting these days. The arid climes of the Middle East—and their urban centers—have been warfare hotspots. So how about some crazy new urban camouflage?

This experimental piece of kit, by camo firm HyperStealth, might look like a hideous screen printed dress. 
This is the unconventional pattern in field trials, previous computer simulations showed this pattern to be quite effective for both outdoor and indoor urban environments. The perceived depth within the pattern throws off the ambient and focal vision from noticing the target.
So, you think this would work? It's hard to say without actually being out there, but it's fascinating to see the psychology behind something as simple as a shirt.


YeamieWaffles said...

It looks pretty complicated but I find it quite cool looking. Not sure how well it works when it comes to camouflaging however, I'm sure it does a good job!

R said...

No, I don't think so

norbi_nw said...

I doubt this will actually work... :/

Simon black said...

Looks nice imo.

Nokel said...

urban camo?

it's looks modern haha

from the picture it doesn't look too camo-y

but pictures can be deceiving haha

Al Penwasser said...

If the buildings were on fire, it'd probably work in Detroit.

Heaven. said...

Kind of lame imo.

chrischaos said...

wow this is insane