Sep 16, 2011

This Shape-Shifting Sofa

love sofas. I love them for siestas, for reading, for playing games, for eating breakfast by the window, for cunnilingus and other fun activities. Sofas are one of my favorite things. And the Cay Sofa looks like a dream.

Created by Alexander Rehn by dividing surfaces and linking them through ingeniously placed hinges, the sofa adapts to the different positions of your body, embracing it. That's what I like about it, because I like to change positions for all the things above. No motors, no buttons. Just simply clever design. More here.


George Anderson said...

That's damn amazing.

YeamieWaffles said...

Looks awesome to me. I want this so much right now lol. Would be great for when I'm moving out. Thanks for showing me this.

Red13 said...

woah that looks pretty cool

Athanasian Complexio said...

Damn, that's pretty cool. Pure innovation on a centuries old piece of furniture.

I wish I could have it, that's just straight up genius. I love it.