Sep 14, 2011

SanDisk's Memory Vault Will Store Your Photos Longer Than Anyone Cares

According to a survey commissioned by SanDisk, family photos are the first thing people would save in a house fire, after relatives and pets. This ruggedized flash drive contains proprietary Chronolock memory management technology that has been subjected to "accelerated temperature cycling tests" to prove it can preserve data uncorrupted for up to 100 years. Maybe the product is a boon to future generations, or maybe it's just a way of convincing people to spend $90 on 16GB of storage instead of picking up a Corsair Flash Survivor for $35. 


mjunta said...

looks good

YeamieWaffles said...

Maybe longer than we really want to leave things for people to view. Interesting all the same.

George Anderson said...

That's amazing! (Well, more superfluous than it is amazing in my honest opinion).