Sep 23, 2011

In-app Purchasing Fail on iTunes is Starting to Bug Developers

In-app purchases via iTunes have apparently been failing in a big way for the last ten hours and app creators who depend on this heavily taxed income are getting antsy. The problem may be connected to fake purchase receipts getting into the system. Whatever the cause, developers are "losing lots of sales" for apps that use receipt verification and is "threatening to more-or-less take down the entire IAP ecosystem." Seeing as Apple insists on this being the only route for in-app purchasing, they'd better fix it pretty darned quick.


Bart said...

ive noticed that planes have been flying lower lately, is it maybe due to this thing?

Atley said...

Just one more reason why opensource is better. Can you say Android?

joker said...

its just a bug ,itll get fixed fast. apple makes too much $$$ from those in app purchases. people whine too much.