Sep 14, 2011

Exercise Headphones Designed to Stay Put

When it comes to headphones built to stay put when you're exercising there's plenty of products that look hardcore but are just annoying. Polk's new UltraFit3000 headphones might just be the the most thoughtfully designed I've seen.

Like other old school speaker companies Polk has decided to make the jump from wooden boxes to headphones. I like that idea, because Polk's awesome sound shouldn't be confined to home theaters and stereos. Detailed specs aren't yet available, but I'd expect these to sound amazing. What is really going to set these apart for exercise addicts is the attention to function. The over-ear hook is pliable and made of a moldable rubbery material so that they will sit securely on your ear. Get them here.


R.gers said...

Thats pretty cool, although I still prefer full ear muffs of a nice cushioned ATH AD700s

Atley said...

I went through about 3 differnt pairs of headphones before finding a pair by sony that would stay in my ears. Coby came in second. But I bet these would be even better!

YeamieWaffles said...

Pretty cool. Sick of annoying exercise headphones that pop out over and over again.

Athanasian Complexio said...

Finally! Someone who actually made those mold-able. Polk audio is making these? That's just about as good as Koss (in my personal opinion)