Aug 24, 2011

Yesterday’s Earthquake Caused More Twitter Traffic than Bin Laden’s Death

What happens when you mix a relatively mild seismic event with an extremely dense population of the tech-savvy and self-centered east coast? Twitter-splosion! Yesterday's quake let loose 5,500 tweets per second, beating Dead Osama and tying Fukushima's 9.0. Priorities!

Between the marble and brick federal egocentrism of DC and the media self-fellation of New York, it's no wonder there were 40,000 tweets regarding the 5.8 tremor within one minute of it happening—and that they reached us in New York before the ground started to shake. People love talking about themselves, especially when they are shaking because of an earthquake.

But still—the fact that yesterday trumped the surprise killing of the most wanted, most heinous terrorist in the history of the world and a unfathomably powerful earthquake that triggered an ongoing nuclear disaster says something about Twitter. It's at its most popular when it gives us a mirror to look into. And next to that mirror is a megaphone to scream at everyone about it. And nothing makes for a good ego screamin' like a non-dangerous earthquake.


Anonymous said...

Awesome fact. ;O

Jason said...

:S thats a crazy amount of force

Sub-Radar-Mike said...

Sounds about right, most people only care about things that directly affect them.

Zombie said...

just goes to show how freaked out people in the east cost are about a little earth shake. lol.