Jun 15, 2011

Samsung Series 5 Chromebook now Shipping in Arctic White

Samsung hasn't been particularly shy about its teasing -- but the big day has finally arrived, and the Series 5 Chromebook is now officially shipping to those eagerly awaiting the Google-powered laptop. If you weren't among the high-end coupon clippers who snatched one up during the surprise sale at Gilt a couple of weeks ago, you can now pick up a Chromebook of your own.

At least for now, however, it looks like you'll have to settle for a white exterior -- the "Ttian Silver" (also known as black) edition is still in pre-order mode at both Best Buy and Amazon.


minecraft129 said...

Really great Laptop, I'll keep it in mind next time i'm shopping for a laptop.

Athanasian Echo said...

I'm still pretty happy with my current one at the moment. I'm curious to see how the ChromeOS will turn out to be though.

Jammer said...

I am going to have to check this out at my local Bestbuy