Jun 22, 2011

Samsung Reveals 'Premium Accessory Suite' for Galaxy Tab 10.1

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Loving your Galaxy Tab 10.1 but just itching for some accessories? Samsung knows you are, and today helpfully unveiled a "premium accessory suite" to soothe your jones for both add-ons and premium prices. The collection (parts of which appeared earlier on Sammy's German site) includes a full-size keyboard dock ($70) and a multimedia dock ($35) enabling HDMI pass-through – you can have Tab video on your TV, as long as you buy the separate HDTV adapter ($30).

 You have your choice of cases, as well: a book cover model ($60) you can leave on while using the tablet, or a leather pouch edition ($30) that is, you guessed it, a leather pouch. A few miscellaneous items round out the collection, including various chargers, a conductive stylus and the already-released USB adapter. The company also promises a Bluetooth keyboard and SD card adapter to come "mid-summer"


Rudolf said...

Samsung do a great job!

miet said...

It looks nice!

Atley said...

I'll just wait for the holographic projection so you dont even need a screen. Just like star wars! I'll pass on the keyboard accessory. but thanks!

heefal said...

nice stuff for a low price