Jun 19, 2011

The Heart Healthy iPhone

iPhones are being used in all sorts of interesting ways to track our health, but this is one of the more interesting ones. It's a small piece of hardware that turns your phone into an electrocardiogram.

Just millimeters thick, the iCard ECG sticks on the back of an iOS device with velcro and sends ECG data to an app on the device. Place the phone against your chest, start the app and it records ECG data and uploads it as a PDF to the AliveCor server for physicians to review. And it comes in red!


Byakuya said...

not a bad app really, but it is a little ridiculous =p

someday somebody will honestly try to make an app that sleeps for us

Skeng said...

That's insane.
Not sure how it would work properly though since you need a certain number of leads and they have to be in a certain arrangement.
Interesting if it's accurate.

heefal said...

awesome something, knowing myself I'll run with it and affix to mine friends

Athanasian Complexio said...

Wow, if that's accurate, that sounds like one of the few applications that aren't completely useless! :D